Use Remindr

After the configuration of Remindr, just launch the following command:

$ remindr -c /path/to/remindr.ini

Run Remindr on a regular basis

Remindr should be launched on a regular basis in order to efficiently remind people about your blog posts using the social networks. It is quite easy to achieve with adding a line to your user crontab, as described below:

0 11 * * * johndoe remindr -c /path/to/remindr.ini

will execute remindr every day at 11AM.

Test option

In order to know what’s going to be sent to Mastodon without actually doing it, use the –dry-run option:

$ remindr --dry-run -c /path/to/remindr.ini

Debug option

In order to increase the verbosity of what’s Remindr is doing, use the –debug option followed by the level of verbosity see [the the available different levels](

$ remindr --debug -c /path/to/remindr.ini

Using syslog

Remindr is able to send its log to syslog. You can use it with the following command:

$ remindr --syslog=WARN -c /path/to/remindr.ini